Over the past year or so, Dreamsalon has become Seattle’s most distinctive and most reliably good post-punk band, and this debut, Thirteen Nights is something of a minor classic. The group has extensive bloodlines (A Frames, Factums, The Lights, Le Sang Song, et many al) and includes three-fourths of the members of the late, near-great Evening Meetings. The eMeetings’ fantastic LP on Sweet Rot flew by in a flash amid a two-year flurry of semi-activity without expansion of interest beyond that of a certain sub-subsection of PacN’western show goers and a single NYC Tumblr blog editor. I suppose losing a member was a lynchpin to a stripped, breezier approach with less catharsis and more groove (read: they kept all of the boogie, but none of the blusey). Thirteen Nights contains a focused acuity not obvious within the ruckus of the live set; It should be noted that the live incarnation of Dreamsalon has a far more flanged-out and all ‘round overpowering sci-fi sound than the same track recorded on Thirteen Nights, and it’s a true testament to the quality of these songs that they thrive in this more common trad-rock sonic mix found on the record without the overdriven ballast and salesmanship of live performance. And there are a bunch of great songs on this thing, seemingly sequenced in descending order of light-to-dark, faster-to-dirgier.  The third song, “In the Air,” carries a breezy tune and sing-songy levity against an emotional neutrality of whatever I can make out of the lyrics. Other songs “Splits,” “Twenty More Days,” and the second side’s growling “On the Bus,” all belong on a frequented personal playlist titled BAD ASS that you should assemble right this minute.  All songs play out with a burrowing progressions laid down by bassist Min Yee who seems to similarly sculpt everything he’s involved in, and the compositions embrace a discipline in step with titans of late ‘70s/80s minor-chord American underground music, without actual rips requiring the need for shame. Sure, I s’pose one could point to individual moments or sound insertions directly referencing your Burmas or your Flippers or your Dream Syndicates, as if those bands were yours and existed in plural, but of course they aren’t and don’t. Heads-up: Dreamsalon has a second LP already completed, due late summer/fall 2014, provisionally entitled Soft Stab, but now is an excellent time to find an entry point for this fine band. (http://www.captcha-records.com
(Timothy Cook)

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