Sly Vinyl: Kikagaku Moyo / 幾何学模様 – S/T and Mammatus Clouds // Limited Colored Vinyl LP double pre-order bundle / by captcha records

Tokyo’s premier sonic-chiefs Kikagaku Moyo provides a deeply spiritual and ritualistic psychedelic dish for your aural consumption, blending Japanese sounds with psychedelic peas, prog-potatoes, kraut-wurst, and experimental sauce. The outcome is quite the unique flavour, a real treat for the hungry tune-travellers out there. Highly recommended!

Kikagaku Moyo has gotten quite a lot of attention with their 3rd album “Forest Of Lost Children” released via Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records just about a month ago. They also did a US-tour prior to this wich turned out to be quite a success, including a performance on this years Austin Psych Fest.Captcha Records quickly smelled the fuzz, and is now releasing their first two albums on vinyl in the States for the first time.

The Limited Colored versions can only be ordered as a double dish, and will be pressed to the exact number of pre-orders! The official release is set to September 2nd, but there is no telling how long this window will stay open. I advice you to get in on this straight away.