Google Translates INDIE FOR BUNNIES review of Lorelle Meets the Obsolete / by captcha records

Lui & Lei A classic. Steady, on stage and in life. Lorelle (ie Lorena Quintanilla ) and The Obsolete ( Alberto Gonzalez ). Mexicans in Guadalajara, psych rockers dream, hypnotic, an experimental thread. They mix different influences (shoegaze, garage rock and kraut on top of the list) under the hot sun of South America. Lorelle with his bass and sometimes guitar, the voice of a siren, a little ' Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab a bit 'Trish Keenan of Broadcast , a little ' Sanae Yamada of Moon Duo .Obsolete The wildcard does, playing and singing everything else when the leaves.

A large bell'esordio ("On Welfare" of 2011) that gave the sensation of looking at the world through the window of a passing alien ship bound for some fascinating distant galaxy; a second album ("corruptible Faces" came out last year) much more concrete. And now, "Chambers" album number three where Lorelle & The Obsolete complete the evolution away from the dreamy style of the early determination to discover a whole new one.

Ten pieces that seem to many rooms with views. Full board and you can choose where you want to sleep. The rousing "What's Holding You?" Owes much to the aforementioned Moon Duo ; "The Myth Of The Wise", "Music For Dozens", "Sealed Scene" and "13 Flowers" rather reminiscent of the rhythmic density of Spaceman 3 period "Playing With Fire" and represent the soul more strongly rock, melodic and distorted Alberto and Lorena . "I Can not Feel The Outside" and "Night Thoughts About Noon", strange divertissement mainly sung by The Obsolete, a nod to the playfulness of the Holy Wave and continuing the work begun with "The Obsolete Man" to "On Welfare" and again in "Morning Darkness" by "corruptible Faces". The most successful moments are still those in which The Lorelle & Obsolete return to get a ride between stars, lost in space and deep black ("Grieving," "Dead Leaves", "Third Wave").

The artistic career of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete resembles' that ofWooden Shjips : early work very much "free", free to explore harmonic and musical boundaries, then a gradual normalization with classic songs of the plant, much more accessible. Less and more psychedelic rock, the duo of Guadalajara confirms the good things he had already seen in the past while maintaining an independent and carefree attitude that has always characterized the production.