White Manna welcomes us into their circle by captcha records




After long-range negotiations, meetings perceived dimly through a haze of quality Kush and late night trips past the mainland into Compound Manila, the day has arrived.  White Manna has welcomed us into the circle. 

This band had me entranced from the opening wails of their debut LP, which arrived on the always-amazing Holy Mountain label several years back.  At the sound of the opening notes I started wanting to go west to experience the band in their element, under the foggy old-growth redwood canopies of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. Today, through an imponderable series of serendipitous events the heads at Captcha find ourselves relocated to that very locale—behind the redwood curtain, with our backs to the ground and eyes to the sky. 

Come Down Safari is the latest White Manna album.  While the first two albums cut right to the chase, maintaining driving tempos from beginning to end, Come Down Safari makes it possible for listeners to join the band in the more intimate experience of psychedelic comedown.  The opening track “Deathless Guru” sets the mood, finding the band re-entering the stratosphere and gently floating back to earth.  Not just a heady mix of blown-out psych, Come Down Safari showcases these musicians moving in a more experimental direction. Sonic textures are diffuse; atmospheres are saturated. Sounds are wreathed in mists and vapors. Drones and quiet syncopations suggest fall’s rains coming on.  Don’t get me wrong: this record still gets loud and heavy. But Come Down Safari makes room for us to hear Dieter’s keyboard patterns as they unfold, weaving us a post-apocalyptic web in which to dwell.   

We are working with Valley King to make Come Down Safari available to you.   We have the LP in our HQ available for purchase, and we will also be pressing it to compact disc.  Keep your ears to the ground; we hope to be dropping more good news re: White Manna before long.

Finally, while we’re bringing you closer to the White Manna pulse, we want to take this opportunity to remind you that the band has legs.  This fall, they take their madness across the pond for their second European tour in as many years.  Those dates are listed below. 


06 Sep 2014 UK Stoke 

07 Sep 2014 ES Vitoria-Gasteiz Ibu Hots

08 Sep 2014 ES Oviedo Lata De Zinc

10 Sep 2014 ES Barcelona Reverence @ El Teatre Latino

11 Sep 2014 ES Madrid Psych Out Fest II @ Siroco

12 Sep 2014 ES Santiago De Compostela WOS INC

13 Sep 2014 PT Valada Reverence Festival w/ Bardo Pond, The Oscillation

15 Sep 2014 UK London Shacklewell Arms

16 Sep 2014 UK Manchester Soup Kitchen

17 Sep 2014 UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club

18 Sep 2014 UK Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach w/ Moon Duo

19 Sep 2014 BE Antwerp Trix w/ Bardo Pond

20 Sep 2014 FR Toul Les 3 Petits Points

21 Sep 2014 BE Brussels Magasin 4 w/ Bardo Pond

23 Sep 2014 FR Besancon Le Passengers De Zinc

25 Sep 2014 NL Eindhoven Effenaar w/ Sleepy Sun, Camera

26 Sep 2014 NL Utrecht DB's

27 Sep 2014 UK Ramsgate Music Hall

Watch: Lorelle Meets the Obsolete “What’s Holding You” Live @ the Chop Suey by captcha records

Watch Lorelle Meets the Obsolete perform “What’s Holding You” at the Chop Suey in Seattle, WA. LIVE EYE TV caught up with the band on May 28th as they toured in support of their killer 2014 LP Chambers, out now on Captcha Records! For the West coast portion of their extensive US tour, Lorena Quintanilla and Alberto González were joined by the Oakland duo Disappearing People‘s Scott Travis Johnston and Landon Bates on bass and drums, and on this night the quartet ripped thru a thrilling set that included the hypnotic throb and drone of Chambers‘ standout track, “What’s Holding You”!

HAS A SHADOW Interview on It's Psychedelic Baby by captcha records

Savage Henry Independent Times Cover by captcha records

Well, it ain't pitchfork media or drowned in sound and that is COOL with us.  West Coast humor mag Savage Henry has placed the Captcha boss man on the cover of their newest issue.  Inside they review the Captcha Compilation "Introducing...".  "The Future" is the topic of the magazine this month and fittingly we lead the charge with a Captcha Records AI Army.  Art by Sonny Wong.  Pick up a copy any where between SF and Portland.  

Captcha HQ on BBJr's Epic Endeavor and Upcoming Tour Dates by captcha records

BBJr recorded 1 cover song a day, for the entire month of February!

BBJr recorded 1 cover song a day, for the entire month of February!

At least twice a month (if not more) I get an email from Iowa experimental noise guru / guitar savant BBJr with links to his extremely prolific studio output.  Tapping into the world of Bob is always an experience. These tracks sound unfiltered and unmediated—it’s like these sessions were bussed direct from his 4-track into my own studio. This past March, Bob sent me an email explaining his tremendous new endeavor: during the month of February, he had recorded one cover song a day. I was blown away solely by the conceptual scope of this project. Astonished at the incredible amount of dedication it had taken, I asked myself: had he learned the songs in advance?  Did he record, perform and master all of these himself? How did he chose the songs!?  

The first song I listened to was Bob’s cover of Brian Eno's St. Elmo's Fire. It was brilliant—he absolutely shreds the guitar solo, which is (or should be) reason enough to listen.  He also performs an enlightened version of Spacemen 3's Walking with Jesus, a track we've included in the recent Captcha compilation Introducing... , available here.  He hits full stride on covers of tracks by Smog, the Velvet Underground and Big Star, making it seem as if they were actually written by or for the interpretation of Bob Bucko Jr.

What is truly amazing is the variety of music Bob selected for this project. The scope of these recordings reflects the multiple dimensions of BBJr’s art. Bob’s knowledge of music is encyclopedic, and his mastery of home recording and performance techniques is absolute. These skills allow him to make music from home that effortlessly transcends the boundaries of genre, time, space, and everyday consciousness. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of hearing his music, this is a fantastic place to start.  

A few months from now we will be releasing the physical edition of the newest long-player from BBJr, entitled I Did What I Could With What I Had.  We here at the Captcha HQ know what this guy is capable of doing with limited resources.  On this recording the results are brilliant, fully realized and completely transformative.   

- Benjamin


July 21: Dubuque, IA @ Monk's w/Katrina Stoneheart, BANAL ANML 

All dates with Ryan Werner: 

July 28: Kenosha, WI @ TG's 

July 29: Chicago, IL @ SloMo Dojo 

July 30: TBA 

July 31: Grand Rapids, MI @ Waffle Haus 

August 1: Ann Arbor, MI @ The Yellow Barn 

August 2: TBA  

August 3: Cleveland, OH @ Guide to Kulcher 

August 4: Columbus, OH @ The House With No Name 

August 5: TBA 

August 6: Champaign, IL @ Institute for Creativity 

August 7th: Rock Island, IL @ Rozz-Tox

LiveEyeTv snaps Lorelle Meets The Obsolete at the 529 Club in Atlanta by captcha records

"This past spring, the Mexican psych-rockers Lorelle Meets The Obsolete played a late night set at the 529 Club in Atlanta. The band was on tour in support of their third LP 'Chambers', out now on Capcha Records, and Live Eye Tv‘s Atlanta dispatch was in the audience snapping a few moody, color drenched portraits for you to enjoy! On this night, Lorelle and Co. were saturated in the ooze and throb of a psychedelic light show that obscured their forms and faces, allowing the band to become shape shifters, sonic trobadours lost in the fog of distortion, feedback, and warm drone. After the photos, you can watch the video for the track “Sealed Scene“, which we premiered this past March; and stay tuned, because in the next few weeks we will have live video footage that we shot of the band in Seattle at the Chop Suey this past May." - LIVEEYETV

Greg Downing talks Buffalo Tooth to IT'S PSYCHEDELIC BABY. by captcha records


"San Francisco’s had a number of breakout artists over the past few years that have kind of caused everyone to think that anything coming out of San Fran has to sound a certain way, Ty Segall and John Dwyer I’m looking in you direction here.  Buffalo Tooth however is having none of that nonsense.  Rather than attempting to do what everyone else is doing or “fit into the scene”, they’ve taken a decidedly unique and interesting path fusing elements of punk, math rock, garage, country, surf and psychedelia to create a potent stew of surprisingly intellectual and socially aware rock ‘n’ roll." - IT'S PSYCHEDELIC BABY

SlyVinyl gives the dish on the Lorelle Represses by captcha records

Captcha Records got another double dose of awesome up their sleeves!  This time by reissuing the two first albums by Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, after the recent success of their quickly sold out third album “Chambers” (which is also getting a repress on Golden with Red Splatter, we’ll get back to you on that soon..).

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete Represses are SHIPPING NOW by captcha records

New to the store are brand new, dazzling copies of  Lorelle Meets the Obsolete 's debut album "On Welfare" and sophomore triumph "Corruptible Faces". These have both been reissued on colored wax for your pleasure. These albums have been OOP for a little while and have been hot on the eLame reseller's market. Avoid rising costs at the pump, hit em up here.   https://captcharecords.bandcamp.com/album/on-welfare  http://captcharecords.bandcamp.com/album/corruptible-faces   

New to the store are brand new, dazzling copies of Lorelle Meets the Obsolete's debut album "On Welfare" and sophomore triumph "Corruptible Faces". These have both been reissued on colored wax for your pleasure. These albums have been OOP for a little while and have been hot on the eLame reseller's market. Avoid rising costs at the pump, hit em up here. 




Week in Review - Decoder Mag by captcha records

#3 – 5/26/2014 – On the other side of the continent, Humboldt County, CA based experimental psych label Captcha Records offered up their own free compilation; Poncho offered tape version of theirs and Captcha has some sweet shirts in the mix. This outing truly lives up to the label’s purview though, sporting righteous tracks from BBJr and Quicksails, among others, in case you hadn’t already been convinced by their prior credentials. Look for these guys and more in upcoming releases from the label, but download the mix for free from Bandcamp in the meantime. -DP