Ben Baker Billington Enlists Friends on Upcoming Quicksails LP / by captcha records

ADHOC throws down on the new Quicksails LP!

Ben Baker Billington, Chicago drummer superb and omnipresent busyman, has released percussively-rich electronic music under his Quicksails moniker since 2009. His upcoming LP, Fleurs De La Lune, stirs things up a bit. Rather than stick to the introspective solo work that characterized his early output, Ben enlists Andrew Scott Young and Mike Forbes from his Tiger Hatchery project, Haley Fohr of Circuit Des Yeux, Rob Frye of Bitchin’ Bajas, and Cave as creative partners. It isn't the first Quicksails release to feature other musicians but, as Billington explains, "it is the most heavy handed in collaboration so far". 

On “Find Flux,” the first single off Fleurs De La Lune, we’re given insight into the collaborative nature of the LP by way of Rob Frye’s saxophone. As typical of a Quicksails release, Ben imbues the piece with inventive rhythm while maintaining his learned grasp on evocative mood.

Fleurs De La Lune will be released August 24th on Captcha Records.