We have a load of LP's incoming from Japan.   Save on shipping, order direct!  All LPs come with a download code.  This is a preorder and the item will be released on/around May 13th, 2016.  


=Band Description= 

Kikagaku Moyo started in the summer of 2012 busking on the streets of Tokyo. 
Though the band started as a free musiccollective, it quickly evolved into a tight group of multi-instrumentalists. 

Kikagaku Moyo call their sound psychedelicic because it encompasses a broad spectrum of influence. 

Their music incorporates elements of classical Indian music, Krautrock, Traditional Folk, and 70s Rock. 

Most importantly their music is about freedom of the mind and body and building a bridge between the supernatural and the present. 

Improvisation is a key element to their sound. 

=Album Description= 

Like a long journey this record unfolds itself through many layers. 

Fans of Kikagaku Moyo will be comforted by the soft vocals harmonies and warm Sitar but what sets this release apart is the refinement of the band’s songwriting and their delicate execution. 
Side A begins with a pair of travelling songs where the interplay between the vocals, guitar, and sitar lift and suspend you on an unexpected journey.  

The patient listener is rewarded by tracks like “Trad” and “Silver Owl” that demonstrate the masterful balance the band has between soft and loud; chaos and order, or being both cold and tender at the same time. 

“House in the Tall Grass” takes the listener by the hand on a comfortable quest through destinations both familiar and unknown.  It is a natural step forward for the band and perhaps the most refined example of their style to date.


Just in for Distro....more SHOOTING GUNS by captcha records

In short, hell f'n yes.  If you haven't dug in to the Shooting Guns catalog yet, you are most definitely missing out.  Single-handedly the most played band in the Captcha HQ this calendar year.  I just can not get enough.  Well, we just got some more.  15 copies of the SG/Zaum split.  Approximately 20 minutes per side, so a nice long dose of some heavy, doom-y, end-of-times sludge.  I love it.  

The Prairies are meeting the Maritimes on a new split LP, as Saskatoon psych titans Shooting Guns have announced that they're teaming up Moncton fusionists ZAUM for a joint release. Himalaya to Mesopotamia will be out on November 6 .

Although the whole thing consists of just four songs, they're all epic in length. Shooting Guns' three songs on the A-side are each more than six minutes, while ZAUM's single-song B-side is a whopping 19 minutes. 

According to an announcement, Shooting Guns are "hard at work fortifying the heavy end of the psychedelic spectrum, haunting the foggy moor between Sabbath-styled doom riffery and heavy pulse-riding krautrock." 

ZAUM, meanwhile, are said to offer "a monolithic doomy mantra based meditative experience forged by bass and drums interwoven with sitar and synth textures." 

Himalaya to Mesopotamia will be available on hand-numbered "amberstone" coloured vinyl..

We got 15 copies of this bad-ass split in.  $22 shipped.  Will combine with other orders.  

Glitter Wizard to litter the Southwest in party debris.... by captcha records

Littering the southwest with alien party cups, Glitter Wizard is on the road to tickle your senses. Lookout SXSW...their live show is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Be on the lookout as we will be reissuing their debut album "Solar Hits" on LP this May.  

We still have a few copies of "Hunting Gatherers" in the HQ.

Sic Magazine takes to the field with Foul Tip, begin to drift together, forever. by captcha records

Ed and Adam, cheesed.

Ed and Adam, cheesed.

A quick tour of Foul Tip’s Bandcamp page, as well as their most recent press release, reveal Adam Luksetich and Ed Bornstein to be the quite the jokers. One of a series of tall claims, Forever Driftin’ is mooted to be the Chicago-based twosome’s fourteenth album. Discogs suggests it’s actually their debut long-player – the cataloguing spoilsports. And speaking of sports, a foul tip turns out to be some sort of nerd-level baseball rule that no-one at all understands. It’s pleasing to report, however, that this Foul Tip are a lot easy to “get”.

Luksetich is armed with a detuned bass, some heavy duty pedals and a bucket load of hooks while Bornstein beats the skins like a Neanderthal. They both sing and shout (as any drums-and-bass duo should) and their ten tracks last just 28 minutes. And that’s about it. Not your typical Captcha and Cardinal Fuzz stuff then. No, but Foul Tip are not your usual kind of band for they’re a muscular garage-rock two-piece that frequently sound like a fuzzed-up army. Luksetich’s effects sustain his bass notes so long that they mass into one redlining drone and, during “Madness”, he confesses to having “punched a cop in the face”, the track’s overblown bass groove from the QOTSA school and it’s chorus from The Ramones. “Feel” cuts its own capture short, the tape stopping abruptly amid claims it “wasn’t good enough”. Brought back into the public’s conscious via The Wolf of Wall Street, “Ludes” is exactly the sort of slow and low sludger its title demands. Nihilist negativity is checked off too via “No”, needling repeats hammering home the effect in an almost post-punk style.

Knuckle-dragging punk-rock is, of course, tremendous fun but tends often to lack a little in the brains department and Forever Driftin’ is no different. Side B opens with a playful snot-punk cover of Black Sabbath’s ho-hum ballad “Changes” and Luksetich and Bornstein improve it immeasurably. Co-incidentally it’s a track that fuzz-lords JEFF The Brotherhood have also notably covered as much of Foul Tip’s barebones running order brings the Orrall brothers to mind. From there on in, however, Luksetich and Bornstein bring their game face: supercharged rocker “Strike 1000” houses some serious strut; “Robbed” plays smash-and-grab sonic crust during its 78 seconds and then there’s “Driftin’”.

You’d customarily expect a Captcha or Cardinal Fuzz release entitled Forever Driftin’ to close out with some sort of locked groove, but not here. The longest track on the album by a mile, it’s instead a wistful stomper with which it’s kinda tempting to draw parallels with Japandroids. It seems Luksetich and Bornstein may just want a home to call their own after all. And it’s here, when their guard finally comes down, that they become most approachable. A life lesson for us all, don’t you think?

Best track: “Strike 1000”

Quicksails gets some well deserved praise! Košatý květinově duhový hippie noise od projektu! by captcha records

Quicksails - Find Flux
Košatý květinově duhový hippie noise od projektu, co dřív vydával na Spectrum Spools.

Quicksails made the best musicians of 2015 in the city of Chicago!  Congrats!!!! 

The Oscillation - Monographic - Orders by captcha records

Happy Sunday everyone,

Just letting you know that we have a box of the Oscillation's new album Monographic on the way to the HQ.  Here are the deets and the order information.


Essentially the project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Demian Castellanos, The Oscillation was formed in London in 2006 with the release of the debut seven-inch and Rough Trade Records ‘single of the week’; New Way To Feel on Bee And Smoke records. Drawing inspiration from The Cure, Loop, Can, The Durutti Column, PIL, Spacemen 3, Popol Vuh and Chrome, they’ve since gone on to release three critically acclaimed studio albums; Out Of Phase (2007), Veils (2011) and From Tomorrow (2013). Over the last few years The Oscillation have also appeared on several highly rated compilation albums and provided remixes for the likes of Simian Mobile Disco, Telepathe, Nick Nicely and most recently the Fat White Family.

The new long player Monographic sees the multi-talented Castellanos, who sings, play bass, guitars and synths on the album, joined by Valentina Magaletti on drums in what is without doubt the band’s most accomplished and outstanding set of songs to date.

 THE OSCILLATION – Monographic
01. Monographic (03:05)
02. Take Us To The Moon (05:52)
03. Let It Be The End (04:23)
04. Truth In Reverse (07:19)
05. Another Attack (05:17)
06. Lonely People (08:44)
07. Alignment Zone (08:42)

07. Alignment Zone extended version (CD/DL only) (13:01)
08. Lonely People (CD/DL only) (04:51)
09. The End Of Conscious Thought (CD/DL only) (03:55)

Written, recorded and produced by D.Castellanos
Mastered by Carim Clasmann at The Fishtank
Artwork by Julian Hand
Layout by Floriane Miny

$22 shipped in the USA.  If you want to add to an order, please email at

Captcha Records 5 LP Saver Package by captcha records

Hello one and all!

Well, 2016 is rolling forward and we think there is magic in the air.  The Cardinal Fuzz and I have been working day and night to bring forth a handful of jams, ready to steal your hearts and minds.  

We have 5, yep, 5 new records that are all set to be released on 3/11/16.   There are two bone-crushing LPs from Saskatoon’s unholy stoners Shooting Guns, two LPs from Brisbane, Australia’s premier psychedelic outfit, Dreamtime and a debut LP from Chicago, Illinois punk, drum and bass duo Foul Tip.  We will PM you the downloads.

IF you are interested in all records, you can get all 5 copies for 80$ shipped. 

Package Options

BBJr Fall Tour 2015 by captcha records

BBJr is hitting the road once again... 

In support of his new album, I Did What I Could With What I Had.

Thurs - 9/10 Fairfield, IA - Arbor Bar

Fri - 9/11 Kansas City, MO - Never Never Forget

Sat - 9/12 Lawrence, KS - tba

Sun - 9/13 St. Louis, MO - Foam

Mon - 9/14 Cincinnati, OH - CincinNative

Tues - 9/15 Chicago, IL - Pinky Swear

Wed - 9/16 Madison, WI - tba

Thurs - 9/17 Milwaukee, WI - MKE Noise Fest @ Borg Ward

Fri - 9/18 Beloit, WI - Music House

Sat - 9/19 Rock Island, IL - Rozz-Tox

Wed - 9/23 Lincoln, NE - Toothblack House

Thurs - 9/24 Omaha, NE - Midtown Art Supply

Fri - 9/25 Des Moines, IA - The Fremont

Sat - 9/26 Columbia, MO - Niche Fest @ Cafe Berlin

Ben Baker Billington Enlists Friends on Upcoming Quicksails LP by captcha records

ADHOC throws down on the new Quicksails LP!

Ben Baker Billington, Chicago drummer superb and omnipresent busyman, has released percussively-rich electronic music under his Quicksails moniker since 2009. His upcoming LP, Fleurs De La Lune, stirs things up a bit. Rather than stick to the introspective solo work that characterized his early output, Ben enlists Andrew Scott Young and Mike Forbes from his Tiger Hatchery project, Haley Fohr of Circuit Des Yeux, Rob Frye of Bitchin’ Bajas, and Cave as creative partners. It isn't the first Quicksails release to feature other musicians but, as Billington explains, "it is the most heavy handed in collaboration so far". 

On “Find Flux,” the first single off Fleurs De La Lune, we’re given insight into the collaborative nature of the LP by way of Rob Frye’s saxophone. As typical of a Quicksails release, Ben imbues the piece with inventive rhythm while maintaining his learned grasp on evocative mood.

Fleurs De La Lune will be released August 24th on Captcha Records.

Chandeliers to score Hungarian Psychedelic Film Fehérlófia! by captcha records

Very excited to announce that the Chandeliers will be composing and performing an original live score to the 1981 Hungarian Animated Masterpiece "Feherlofia: Son of the White Mare"!  Details coming soon.

"Fehérlófia was created in Hungary in the early 1980s by Marcell Jankovics, a Hungarian director and graphic artist most known by American film critics and scholars for his Oscar-nominated short Sisyphus." - Huffington Post

Sly Vinyl - White Manna – Pan // Limited Multi-Colored Splatter Vinyl LPs by captcha records


What’s in the water over there in California?  How are there so many bands pounding out wondrously powerful pulsations out on the west coast? Does ingesting this purified ambrosia have side effects?  Do those side effects include head-expanding delirium mixed with a ferocity to rock anything in your path?  I’d like a sample, please.

White Manna reside in Humboldt, CA, and while that particular town doesn’t signify the mind-tripping ego deliquesce of late 60s San Fransisco, their music sure as shit does.  This is dancing-in-the-street, love-me-two-times, puff-puff-give, send-me-to-the-stratosphere rock and roll.  Their shout-worthy chorus on Evil recalls the same communal invitation to sing along as Them’s infamous Gloria.  And somehow, they managed to channel Danzig’s earth-shattering howl into their concoction.  Truly enjoyable stuff here, boys.

Be a part of the happening.  Limited splatter vinyl awaits you after the buy link.

The Details

White inside black with pink and blue splatter vinyl 12" LP. 

Includes digital pre-order of Pan. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it's released.

Bob Bucko Jr MAXIMUM POOR DECISIONS West Coast 2015 by captcha records

Going way out west in March/April. If you can help fill in any of the holes in the itinerary below, please pass it on via carrier pigeon or FB message.  


3/25 - Eronel, Dubuque, IA w/Arc Numbers, Brett Harris
3/26 - Rozz-Tox, Rock Island, IL w/Arc Numbers, Laser Background
3/27 - The Hexagon, Minneapolis, MN w/RKYGNYZYR
3/28 - The New Direction, Fargo, ND w/National Hero, Closet Witch, BergeronFM, Feral Teens, Narcissistic Youth 
3/31 - VFW Hall, Missoula, MT w/Teens from Alberton
4/1 - house show (TENTATIVE), Bellingham, WA 
4/2 - Anacortes Music Channel, Anacortes, WA
4/3 - The Mothership, Portland, OR w/Dead Air Fresheners, Jagula
4/4 - What's This Called on KPSU, Portland, OR
4/4 - Gallery 1412, Seattle, WA w/Tasier Eyes, The Colour Out of Space, Brilligh
4/5 - house show, Tacoma, WA w/Mother Tongue, Coma Figura
4/6 - Deadbeat Records, Olympia, WA
4/7 - Old Skool's, Ellensburg, WA
4/8 - Turn Turn Turn, Portland, OR w/Ghost to Falco
4/9 through 4/11 - HELP! Eugene, Salem, Ashland
4/12 - 4/17 - Visiting Artist, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA
4/18 - HELP! Davis/Sacramento/Chico
4/19 - HELP! Bay Area
4/22 - Bar Bar, Denver, CO w/Puppies and Kittens, Goat Jesus
4/23 - Lawrence, KS 
4/24 - house show, Kansas City, KS
4/25 - Iowa Music Store, Ames, IA w/DJ DJ Tanner, 11 Clouds
4/26 - Trumpet Blossom, Iowa City, IA w/Wrest, Pete Balerstreri
4/27 - Monk's, Dubuque, IA w/Wrest
4/28 - Rozz-Tox, Rock Island, IL w/Wrest

North Star Quest Camp & Captcha Records present: SWAP IT! Record Fair by captcha records

North Star Quest Camp & Captcha Records present the Swap It! Record Fair. Come buy, sell, and trade Vinyl, CD's, DVD's, posters, and other pop culture paraphernalia. The event will feature DJ's, beer, food, and more! 

If you want to be a vender and reserve a table, here is how it works: 

Tables (6x2.5 feet each) 
$40 for the first table (includes three free admissions) 
$20 for a half-table (3 x 2.5feet) (includes two free admissions) 
$20 for each additional table (include two free admissions) 
$10 for ¼ table (include two free admissions) 

email: hbsp2x (at) gmail (dot) com - subject: Swap It! Vendor

Tables available on a first come -first serve basis. Early reservation strongly suggested. To reserve space today please print out, complete, and return a dealer form with payment to North Star Quest Camp c/o The Ink People 517 3rd Street Suite 36 Eureka, CA 95501 (open Tuesday -Friday). 

Proceeds benefit the North Star Quest Camp for Girls, a camp dedicated to helping girls entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grades find their inner North Star and develop the confidence and self respect needed to navigate the stormy waters of adolescence. .. And because Girls Rock! Camp information

Captcha Records specializes in vinyl record manufacturing, distribution and promotions of DIY artists and recordings. 

You can stream and submit at